Commerce automation for Main Street

Fanbank gives local, independent businesses the tools, access and resources to better compete in the new world of mobile commerce. Fanbank is putting Main Street at the forefront of commerce and revitalizing the relationship between local businesses and their neighborhoods.

Fanbank Member Phillip Ashley Chocolates

With progress, there is power

For the first time ever, your local, independent business can:

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with customers

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Offer one-click, buy now
for in-person goods and services

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pricing for purchasers

Support for businesses in every industry

Here is how Fanbank helps our members.

Rebecca Shelton

Shelton Wellness Center
Mesa, AZ

"The week before I found Fanbank, I said to my husband, 'I need someone to help.' I put it out into the universe, and here came this miracle called Fanbank."

Olivia Lomax

Delta Groove Yoga
Memphis, TN

"I reach my customers in a way I never could before. I win, my customers win, everybody wins here."

Moses Araiza

E2K Barber Studio
Pasadena, CA

"I’ve never had a company help me like this. Every season, every holiday, customers think of me."

Join the membership club for Main Street

More sales opportunities start with the right technology, tools and resources that are now available to independent businesses only on Fanbank.

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Local Commerce

Member businesses get access to their own mobile, one-click digital credit system.

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Connect to Popular Brands

Member businesses are connected with popular brands to tap sales opportunities.

Fanbank automation tools

Automated Experience

Turnkey solutions for busy business owners are built throughout our platform.

Keep it local.

Local is quality. Local is craftsmanship. Local is better.
Every time you buy from a local business, you are giving back to your community.
Learn more about the impact you can make on your community below.

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How can Fanbank help your business?