Meet Your Fanbank Team!

Fanbank has created an exciting marketplace where big-name brands and local, independent businesses come together to engage consumers in a whole new way. By seizing on consumer desire to “shop local,” the Fanbank marketplace creates a reason for these shoppers to support locally-owned merchants. Local businesses take advantage of an array of marketing collateral and programs which help them generate sales, consumer excitement and loyalty. Consumers are rewarded with a common currency, Fancoins, for spending their money with participating, locally-owned and operated businesses. Consumers can then spend their Fancoins right back in their communities at the same locally-owned businesses or on other experiences offered by sought-after brands and community attractions covering sports, entertainment and more. With Fanbank, "Everybody Wins."

Mitch Jacobs, Founder

Mitch has been inventing and launching companies that serve Main Street businesses since starting his first from his Dartmouth dorm room 20 years ago. His first two ventures were both sold to public companies and his last, OnDeck, recently went public with more than 400 employees and more than $150 million in annual revenue. (NYSE:ONDK)

Today, Mitch creates scalable solutions for Main Street businesses through his technology incubator, Tech on Main. He is also CoChair of the MicroCapital Task Force, a coalition of private sector leaders advising Treasury and The White House on capital access and other issues affecting Main Street. Mitch's companies have twice been named to the Inc. 500 and to Forbes list of most promising companies. He is an Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year award winner.

Mitch and his wife Samantha Ettus have three children.