Principles for MainStreet Corps Members

Fanbank is proud to join the Association for Enterprise Opportunity's MainStreet Rise, a nonprofit coalition providing 100,000 small and micro-businesses with the tools needed during the COVID-19 shutdown and recovery.

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How it Works

We create social posts, emails and landing pages for you
Customers buy with one click
You get money right away
Store credit is placed on customer’s card and redeemed at a later date

Activate your free account with promo code SMBRELIEF

We are here to help small business nationwide during the COVID-19 crisis. Use promo code SMBRELIEF at checkout to activate your account and get started right away.


The SMB Relief Program is FREE!

  • Fanbank charges this $1 transaction fee at signup to verify connection.
  • 3.25% charged for transactions processed by Fanbank to cover credit card processing fees.
  • Fanbank does not make any profit off of this program.

$50 store credit - 3.25% processing = $48.38 in your pocket.

Fanbank has partnered with 1,000+ small businesses

700+ Neighborhoods

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